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Regulated Advertising

We believe that laws are necessary to maintain the law and order and all hazardous products should carry a statutory message of its consumption and relevant warnings.

Responsible Drinking

We, at Grainotch, understand the value of your life and the ones of your family. We do not propagate juveniles or teenagers to resort to drinking practices because of the health implications and hazards. We understand our responsibility to develop, produce and market our brands responsibly.We condemn drink and drive: Under no impression of emotions do we promote the idea of you getting behind the wheels in a state of intoxication and endangering the lives of anyone on the road.

Ethical Adaption

  • - Establish standards for the responsible marketing and innovation.
  • - Combat spurious alcohol, which is the leading cause of alcohol, related deaths in India.
  • - The consumer to make the switch from country liquor to IMFL, which is less harmful and has a much higher quality, standard.
  • - Promote a shared understanding of what it means to drink responsibly.

Going Green

We believe in adapting eco-friendly practices in every step of the process. Indispensably, we act responsible to work in mutual consensus with the regulatory and statutory framework of permissible emission limits, waste management and systematic disposal of recyclable resource. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is the bottom line of our operations. At our offices and locations, we have always ensured that our impact on the environment is minimal, and where ever possible, positive.

Initiatives for the same involve

  • - Creating a green zone by planting saplings and plants at all our locations.
  • - Installing state-of-the-art Effluent Treatment plants (ETPs) to ensure zero pollutant discharge at our factories.
  • - Segregation of any waste into proper categories for appropriate disposal.
  • - Recycling of waste and use of recycled products.


As a member of the society, we believe in participating with the different sections to uplift the underprivileged ones and share the vision of an equitable and fair distribution of resources. Thus, monetary and non-monetary involvement towards humanity, tree-plantation drives and rain water harvesting as global citizens are part of our organizational behaviour.