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About Grainotch Industries

Grainotch Industries was established in the year 2009 with a vision to deliver excellent quality products. History has been kind to us, and thus, the brand has come a long way into diversifying its portfolio into a wide range of products, from procurement of high-quality grain to processing it in a tech-savvy manner that retains the nutrient and nutritional value. The carefully weighted structure of escalating the raw materials to the final product holds a secret- that of uncompromising standards.Our dedicated and certified workforce helps the brand evolve into a bigger, better and a brighter future prospect. Thus, we believe an amalgamation of resources- material, human, financial and aesthetic, creates a beautiful testament of our offering.

The inception of “Grainotch” is the brainchild of an eminent personality, Mr. Sanjay Holkar (Chief Managing Director) Grainotch Industries. Dating back to 2009, we have come a long way with a family of happy clients, workforce and brand loyalty, besides various stakeholders with who we’ve had the pleasure of associating ourselves with.

Grainotch, the quality of grain that is a notch higher than the rest, is the implied essence and meaning for the brand. Derived from the best of raw materials, we offer premium quality alcohol with unparalleled ingredients, processing technology and final offering.

With a diversified portfolio of products as GNS, IS, RS and pharma grade spirit, we have a clientele that spreads across various segments of the economy from agrarian to industrial, pharmaceutical to toiletries, and B2B to B2C.